For your infertility treatment

  1. Centre is working in field of Infertility since last 18 years and is giving good results. Presently positive results are 60-80%.
  2. Centre has a very well trained team of Doctors who were trained in the best Infertlilty Centre of the world.
  3. Basic Investigations like Hormone Analysis and Semen Analysis are carried out in world class Analysing Machines Our Automatic Semen Quality Analyser automatically testo spherms for their count, movement and Abnormality which help us in selecting infertility traetment therapy giving good results in case of male infertility.
  4. Blastocyst Culture and Embryoscope –
    We prform blastocyst transferin all cases of IVF without any extra charge.For this purpose we have the triple gas Incubators.We were the first ones to use this technology in entire U.P. because of this our results have been very good.
  5. Embryoscope –
    It has improved our results further. We can select the best Embryos for implantation by this technique presently our centre is the only centre in the U.P. to have this facility.
  6. High risk pregnancy centre hospital has the first high risk pregnancy centre in U.P. and patient with these precious pregnancies if devlop any problem they are manage in this centre.
  7. Hospital has a very strong Neonetal intensive support unit which is well equipped to bring up babies who are born prematurly as young as 6 months.
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