Why you should consult Javitri hospital for your infertility treatment ?

For your Infertility Treatment

Successful results up to 80% – Best in U.P.    


World class modern, modular IVF lab. Doctor trained in cleaveland cline USA & Brussels University Belgium.


Internationally trained & skillful team working in this field for last 18 years.


Ist IVF center in U.P. to use Embryoscope to deliver better results.


Laser hatching for elderly patient.     


Computerized ICSI machine for males with very low sperm count.


Our Success Stories

The latest equipment provides advance services like freezing, laser hatching and availability of Embryoscope. With Embryoscope now it is possible to see your Embryos growing and select the best ones for implantation. Now with blastocyst culture in Embryoscope we are able to give successful result upto 80%.

Infertility is a complex problem and affects one out of ten couples. The cause may be attributable to both partners. This frequently leads to a feeling of misery, guilt and loss of self confidence. Many couples in this situation feel the need for very personal care without having to wait for months for the appropriate tests to be carried out.

Javitri Hospital aims to provide private and completely confidential care during which both partners can be fully investigated and the appropriate treatment instigated. The specialist consulting the couple may arrange following investigations within professional and comfortable atmosphere of our clinic.

Success Story

Dr. I. Tyagi

Javitri Hospital & Groups

Dr. Rajul Tyagi

Gyn & Infertility
Head of Infertility & Chief Consultant

Dr. Lavanya Tyagi

IVF Specialist
Head of Embryologist

Dr. Niharika Tyagi

Head of fetal Medicine & High Risk Pregnancy